New Infrared & Jade Table Pad

I’m excited to now be able to offer every client the healing benefits of far infrared heat and jade in the form of my NEW table pad. (Far infrared heat is isolated and has no know dangerous effects.)

Some of the benefits of this amazing tool are:
– Drug free, natural pain relief
– Increases blood circulation
– Supports a healthy immune system
– Reduces inflammation & stress
– Encourages deep relaxation

In Traditional Chinese Medicine Jade is used to help balance Qi. Additionally, Jade is scientifically proven to be one of the best materials to conduct far infrared heat. Jade stones absorb the FIR waves and distribute them evenly and continuously better than almost any other material.

Jade and far infrared heat work together extremely well. Your chronically achy back and joints will love the gentle, healing heat!

Jade & far infrared heat have been prove to help relieve many conditions such as:

– Back pain
– Sciatica
– Deep muscle pain
– Hypertension
– Arthritis pain
– …basically any body pain that would have you reaching for the Tylenol



The biggest piece of  misinformation about deep tissue massage that I deal with as a therapist, is that most people believe that that deep tissue means applying a lot of heavy-handed, deep pressure.

The second piece of misinformation is that if it’s a “deep tissue” massage has to be painful in order to  be effective.

In reality deep tissue massage has nothing to do with the amount of pressure being used or the level of pain the client is experiencing.

Deep tissue has everything to do with working the deeper tissue layers of muscle and fascia in order to facilitate healing.

When clients come to me with the misguided notion that deep pressure & pain = deep tissue & a “good” massage it is my job to educate them on why deep pressure is often ineffective and may actually cause more damage. (Also, I’m not going to injure myself trying to intentionally cause pain to a client. I want to be able to do this work for many years to come.)

The ‘deep’ in deep tissue is referring to the deeper layers of muscles, not the amount of pressure used. A true deep tissue massage is done slowly and with light to medium pressure.

Soft tissue can’t be forced into relaxation. Muscles will actually fight back against too much pressure as a way of protecting themselves from potential injury. At that point the only things happening are pain, for clients and possibly therapist, bruising and tissue damage.

Also, a “deep tissue” massage isn’t meant to be a head-to-toe experience, it’s used for specific areas of concern.

All of this doesn’t mean there won’t be moments of pain or discomfort during a massage session, deep or otherwise.  Working on “knots” and already sore, tight areas can be somewhat uncomfortable.  I tell my clients that “comfortably uncomfortable” is a s far as we ideally want to go.  The discomfort should never be to the point where you feel as if you can’t relax, or breathe through it. If you want to hold your breath it’s too much. Communication with your therapist is key since every client has a different threshold of comfort.

So, next time your getting a massage remember “no pain, no pain” will get you much better results than the dangerous and outdated notion of “no pain, no gain”.This is NOT what a deep tissue massage should feel like.

Massage Music

Many clients have commented on the music I play during our sessions together and how they enjoy that it’s not “the usual” massage/spa music of soft harps and whales talking to each other.

For me, the music I play is an extension of the experience I’m trying to provide for my clients. One that’s not “the usual”, but rather unique, restorative and meaningful.

Music can help set a mood, shift our mindset and bring back pleasant memories and reminders of enjoyable and fun experiences we’ve had. Music can help us tap into our emotions and ourselves.

If you’d like to bring some of the relaxing & rejuvenating mood of the treatment room into your life, I’ve shared some links to my favorite artists, just click on the images. (I’m sure you’ll hear a familiar track or three)

Open House Fundraiser for Hurricane Recovery

Come join us for our open house fundraiser for Project Restore Puerto Rico!

Wednesday, October 25th from 4pm-7pm at 17 N Wabash, Suite 470

I’ll be providing ear seeds or hand massages as well as $10 discount vouchers for a future service for those that make a donation. NO DOLLAR AMOUNT IS TOO SMALL!

If you’re unable to attend you may make a donation here :

Face Cupping

Face cupping is a safe, non-invasive alternative to botox.

It works by relaxing the facial muscles, which then helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines. This also helps with tension headaches and mild TMJ issues. Additionally, face cupping can assist with sinus drainage which is great during allergy flares.

Other benefits:
– drains excess lymph helping to decrease puffiness
– increase blood flow & circulation
– promotes collagen production

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