All sessions include the healing heat of far infrared waves from a jade table warmer.
Massage & reflexology sessions include hot towel service for the feet.
Don’t see “Deep Tissue” offered? HERE‘s why.

The Cleopatra – 169
Queen for 90 Minutes
You’ll be pampered from Head-to-Toe so that you can face the rest of your day with the regal calm & confidence of a Queen! The ultimate in self-care : relaxing wellness massage, rejuvenating facial cupping/massage, calming eye pillow and a refreshing peppermint hot towel foot treatment followed by grounding reflexology.

90 Minutes – 139 ~ 75 Minutes – 119 ~ 60 Minutes – 99 ~ 45 Minutes – 79
Wellness Massage : This massage will leave you feeling reconnected with yourself and relaxed in your body so that you may better face all the demands of your day. A unique session that is my own custom blend of relaxing Swedish massage, therapeutic Shiatsu acupressure, reflexology and healing myofascial release. Clients have said that it is magical and transformative!

Integrated Therapy : These sessions are designed to help you address chronic pain, stress & stiffness so that you may get back to your workouts, child care or career ambitions with focus and ease. Designed to go a step beyond my Wellness Massage, this is a more therapeutic session that integrates multiple techniques such as trigger point therapy, therapeutic massage, cupping, gua sha, Shiatsu Hara abdominal massage, reflexology and/or Reiki.

45 Minutes – 79
Air Cupping : Using a handheld pump, a gentle vacuum is created to help clear out muscle tension and address your chronic pain and stiffness so that you can get back to the activities you enjoy.

Fire Cupping : Harnessing the transformative nature of Fire Qi using a flame and special glass cups, this is the traditional way to perform cupping therapy.

–  Facial Cupping Massage : Using a different approach and equipment than other forms of cupping, this very gentle technique combines relaxing massage with age-defying cosmetic cupping & Kansa Wand massage. By stimulating circulation and collagen production you’ll put your best face forward. (also great for sinus issues and headaches)

Reflexology : While relaxing, Reflexology is not a foot massage. It is an ancient form of bodywork based on the idea that every part of the body is interconnected through the nervous system and can be accessed through specific points on the feet. This is a fantastic option for those that want the benefits of bodywork but do not wish to disrobe, or have medical and physical issues that make traditional massage difficult.

– Reiki: Reiki is a gentle form of Japanese energy healing.   Using the Chakra system as a guide, the practitioner transfers universal life-force energy (i.e., reiki) in the form of qi (Japanese: ki) through the palms. You will leave feeling more balanced, open and free.

Ear Seeds – 9
-Smoking Cessation, Anxiety/Depression, Appetite Control

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